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The world is broken.
We’ve completely messed it up.

Life here on earth is not how God intended. Sickness, death, and pain was not His orginal plan. Creation is broken. Not broken in a put-a-band-aid-on-it kind of way, but broken in a gaping-headwound-we’re-hopeless kind of way. Broken by you and me and our pride and selfishness.



But Jesus.
He is the good news: the gospel.

God is not sitting around hoping one day you’ll be good enough to fix yourself. He’s not counting on your good deeds to outweigh your bad. Instead, His son stepped out of heaven in a dramatic rescue plan. Jesus died and rose again to make right everything you’ve messed up and heal your brokeness.

The gospel changes everything.
This is why Redeemer Church exists.

There is no corner of life that this good news of Jesus doesn’t affect. It changes how we work and how we rest, how (and who) we love and how we disagree with others, how we celebrate and we grieve — really everything.

Would you join us this Sunday?