Gospel Community Groups are small groups that meet in homes around the community throughout the week. They are how we do life with one another, apply the gospel to our lives, and serve the community.

A typical GC will include either a meal/snacks/or a dessert, a deeper look at the previous Sunday’s sermon text, prayer, conversation, and community. The goal of our GC’s are to see the gospel bear fruit in our lives as both individuals and as a community of people while we disciple one another, pray with/for one another, study scripture, and serve on mission together.

Why Gospel Community Groups?

First, in Scripture, God makes it clear that the Christian life is not a solo act; we are designed to live in community with one another. We discover and enjoy God more when we encourage, love, rejoice, and mourn with one another.

Second, GC’s are a primary way we do church, how we accomplish being a Gospel-Centered, Missional Family. We apply the Gospel in these groups to our lives, learn to live on mission together throughout the community, and be in one another’s lives to support, encourage, and pray for one another in this journey called life.

Third, we believe gospel community groups are the perfect vehicle for disciple-making. Disciples are not primary made by great sermons or songs, but by some believers modeling the everyday Christian life for other believers.

How to Connect

How can you get involved? There is more information at church at Sunday morning, or contact Drew at drew@redeemerbrady.com.