This is the Foundation

The Central Message and Mission

Leadership: Rooted in the Word

Qualified to Lead

Biblical Roles

Broken For the Lost

The King and the Law

3 Marks of a Healthy Church

The Already, Not Yet

We Are Adopted

Idols: What Do You Worship?

Blessed To Be A Blessing

He Is With Us

He Meets You Where You Are

You Can’t Out-Sin Grace

The Perfect Father

Speaking Truthfully and Suffering Well

His Grace : Our Response

Gospel Change : God’s Call to Work

Stewardship: Send it Ahead

Sin : Kill or Be Killed

A Long Line of Sinners

Intended for Evil, Used for Good

Gospel Change : Neighbors

Gospel Change: Parenting

Marriage : How Two Avoid the How To’s

Gospel Change : Marriage

Faithful to Use the Broken

He Is For Us

Jacob’s Struggle

Reconciled With God

Right Where We

Bond Breaking Sin

The Influence of a Father

Sin Never Trades Fair

God of Us


The Family of God

Filled in Him

The Picture of Marriage

The Sacrifice That Saved

Nothing is Impossible

Epic Faith

Redeeming Our Story

Moved to Mercy

Response to God

The Mission of God

The Story of the Bible

The Person of God

It’s A Love Problem

Reaping and Sowing

Family Burdens

The War of Flesh and Spirit

Nothing to Prove

Expanding the Kingdom

The Family of God

I Am Yours, You Are Mine

God Hears

Look to the Covenant

Jesus is Better

Freely You’ve Received, Freely You Forgive

Holy Work

Called By God

Made for More

Confused and Scattered

God Hung Up His Bow

A Very Precise Rain

Flooded With Sin

Sin Conquered Cain, Jesus Conquered Sin

Gospel Community

The Curse

Remember the Sabbath

Playing With Scissors

In The Beginning

From Slaves to Sons: Our Identity in Christ

The Law and The Promise


The Law of Love

Prone to Wander

One True Gospel

It’s Worth It!

No Other Gospel

We Are Ambassadors

Membership Matters

Faith and Works

When You Pray

In Remembrance of Me

Built For Relationship

Who He Is – Who We Are



Really Forgiven

The Only Way

At the Feet of Jesus

He’s Coming

Out of Joy, Obedience Comes

The Day Is Coming

To Caesar, To God

Prayers That Move God

We Are Only Tenants

This Is Jesus

To Serve, Not Be Served

The Sin Issue

Slow Down The Season

Love Your Kids : Make Disciples

Rescued : We Are the Ones (Orphan Sunday)

Marriage Is A Covenant, Not A Contract

God Is Bigger Than Divorce

Radically Rooting Out Sin

A New Picture of Jesus

Who Do You Say That I Am?

Committed to One Another

Healthy Leadership

In Spirit and Truth

Saturated by the Gospel

Right Where You Are…Go!

Joined Together

Great Faith Is Painfully Humble

The Problem Is Your Heart

Who Is The Man Who Walks On Water

5 Granola Bars and 2 Sardines

Jesus Is Better

King of the Storms

The Purpose of Parables / The Sower

Casting Shade

The Unforgivable Sin

Lord Over Law

Friend Of Sinners

Your Sins Are Forgiven?

Needing a Miracle

Set Free

Fishers of Men (Mother’s Day)

Preparing The Way

Jonah’s Anger and the Lord’s Compassion

True Belief : True Repentance

From Cowardly to Courageous

Jonah – Week 2

Jonah – Week 1




Heart Idolatry


Law and Gospel

Believing the Gospel

Pretending and Performing

The Church : Membership

The King’s Roar

From The Beginning – The Rescue to Come!

Your Work Is Worship

Children: Obedience and Blessing

Marriage: Love Like Jesus

Imitators of God

Forgiving Quickly and Completely

Get in the Game

A Church Who Prays

The Good News In Suffering

One New People

Grace + Nothing

The Praise of His Glory